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What's the advantage of SiteLink Marketplace? Why doesn't SiteLink build these services themselves?

SiteLink_SystemSiteLink_System NA ✭✭
edited June 2017 in Software Setup

Wouldn't it be better for me as an owner to only deal with one company for everything related to my business (management software, texting, web design, kiosks, insurance, etc.)? Why do I need to go through multiple vendors?
SiteLink Tech Support Answer: The SiteLink Marketplace offers clients a choice in technology partners. Owners have told us they don't want to be locked into one vendor for web design, credit card processing, text messaging and other services—it limits their options. Working with technology partners allows us to include more features. 

Case in point: many operators have already used multiple providers for web design and payment services and have no illusion that who they use now might not be the same in the future as technology and business requirements change. SiteLink partners with companies who focus on their field and are experts, offering best-in-class products and services. For example, text messaging partners can help you navigate the rules surrounding texting. Some offer more than just sending text messages—they manage a store's past-due document delivery based on your state's statutes. 

SiteLink is the leader in choice not just by the number of technology partners, but by smartly integrating more features with each while acting as the hub of your operation. SiteLink logs text messages, phone call notes, letters, emails and NSFs in each tenant's record. That log with all follow-up activity provides a 360 degree view of the tenant. Managers use it for an efficient, result-driven approach to tenant management, regardless of the different partners used.

Time and again, our customers have told us they want to choose the services that best fit their business because one size does not fit all. 
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