How do I link and unlink units? [SiteLink Web Edition]

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Most tenants who rent multiple units prefer to have them linked together so that they will receive one invoice for all of their units. If the tenant is setup on autobill, they will be charged once for all units. When the same tenant rents multiple units in SiteLink they will be linked together by default (and when invoicing they will receive one invoice for all their units). These units should show together in a "Batch" version of the Payments screen.

Why aren’t a customer’s units already linked?

When a unit does not show up on the Payments screen with other units the tenant has rented, it means the customer was moved in under a "new" tenant record (with the same or similar name). If this happens, the "split" unit must be manually linked to the other unit(s).

How to link units

1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and click Company.

2. Then click Utilities.

3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + T (all 3 keys at the same time). This reveals the Move Ledger to Another Tenant button.

4. Click Move Ledger to Another Tenant.

5. Select the unit that you want to link from the list on the left.

6. Select the correct tenant on the right. (Tip: If multiple tenant names are the same, use the Gate Code column to choose the correct name).

7. Click Transfer and verify the information in the prompt is correct before clicking OK.

8. Click Close to exit the Transfer Lease screen.

9. Navigate to the Payments screen and verify that the units have been correctly linked together.

How to unlink units

Occasionally, you may need to unlink multiple units from each other, for example in the case of a divorce. Let’s say a husband and wife have two units. Unfortunately, they get divorced and now one unit needs to be under only person A’s name and the second unit needs to be under only person B’s name.

First, follow steps 1-4 above to navigate to the Move Ledger to Another Tenant screen.

Then, click on the Add button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Add the name of the new/second person.

Once that name is added, it will appear on the right-hand side of the screen under “Select a tenant”.

Next, choose the unit on the left that you want associated with the new person. Select the new name on the right.

Click the Transfer button and the unit will now associated with the new name.

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