How do I reprint an eSign Lease? [SiteLink Web Edition]

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Reprint an eSign Lease

  1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Company and then Forms.

2. From the next screen, choose the lease you want to use from the list on the left and the tenant you want it to apply to from the Select Tenants list in the middle.

3. Click eSign Options on the bottom right.

4. Click Open Existing Document.

5. Click Print from the popup.

Create a new eSign Lease

Follow steps 1-3 above.

Click Yes from the pop up to create a new eSign version of the document.

You will then have the option to sign in person or send the link by email.

If you chose to send it by email, you can edit the message on the next screen and then click OK to send the message.

If you choose to sign in person, the lease will come up on your screen and the tenant can sign it while they are at the office. Once the signature has been saved, you will have the option to email a copy to the tenant, save or print the document.

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