How do I update a tenant's credit card information? [SiteLink Web Edition]

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You can save a tenant’s credit card information for manual processing or to set up automatic payments if you have an online payment processor set up.

From the SiteLink Web Edition Operations screen, click on Tenants

Click on the tenant who you want to add/change a credit card number for.

  • If they only have one unit, click Credit Card on the right.

  • If they have multiple units and the tenant wants to pay for them on one card, click Multi-Unit Credit Card on the right.


If you chose Credit Card (for a single unit), skip to the next step.

If you chose Multi-Unit Credit Card, you will see a list of units assigned to that customer. Click the checkboxes for the units that you want to add the credit card to. 


Click Edit on the right once the correct units are selected.


Fill out the customer’s credit card information. The Credit Card section is the only required information on this screen. Course4PaymentPart2-AutoBill2


In the bottom right of this screen is the Monthly Automatic Billing section.

If None is selected, the card won’t be automatically billed. The card will only be saved on file for payments made on the Payment screen. If you would like to set up automatic billing using the credit card you just entered, select Credit Card. 

The Auto Bill On Day Past Due setting determines when the card will process. “0” is usually recommended, as this bills the tenant on the day that their rent period begins. You can only bill the card once the customer is due, not before.

You can also check the E-Mail Receipt box to email a receipt to the customer once their card has been successfully billed.

Once the card is on file, you can select it from the Payments screen to process a manual payment if needed.


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