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How do I edit rent?

Ashley_DAshley_D TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭
edited November 16 in Basic Operations FAQs

From the Company page in SiteLink Web Edition, click Edit Rent in the bottom right corner.

A list of your units will appear. You can select either an empty or occupied unit. If the unit is occupied, you can change the standard rate of the unit, the current rent for the tenant or both. 

Select one or more units by clicking the checkbox on the left, then click Edit. If you select multiple units, the Current Rental Rate and the new rate that you intend to enter must be the same.

If you get an error, double-check that you have selected at least one unit. 

If you have selected only one unit, you should see something similar to below:

You can change:

  • The Unit’s Standard Defaults – both monthly and weekly 

  • The Unit’s Security Deposit amount

  • The Tenant’s Current Rental Rate - changing this field will change the tenant’s rent effective immediately.

  • The Scheduled New Rate if you want to schedule a rate to begin on a future date and the date that the new rate will be effective on.

If you have selected multiple units and the Tenant’s Current Rental Rate and Scheduled New Rate can’t be edited, then the units selected either have tenants with different rental rates or you have selected a mixture of occupied and unoccupied units.

If you are unable to edit anything other than a Security Deposit, you have selected units that are different sizes. You will need to make sure that the units you select are the same unit sizes so that you can change their rates.

Click OK when you are done making changes. 

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