How to withhold gate codes for online move-ins

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If you prefer tenants to come into the office before accessing your facility when they’ve moved in online, you can edit your Web Template settings to withhold tenants’ gate codes. This ensures that they physically come into your office to obtain their gate code before they can access their storage unit or set up their account.

To withhold gate codes:

  1. From Corporate Control Center, access Website and Web Template Setup.
  2. Select the location you’d like to edit and click Next.
  3. Click the Web Template eCommerce Gateway tab.
  4. Within that tab, access the Rules tab.
  5. Under the Tenant Information heading, check the box next to Withhold gate code for online move-ins and require tenants to use their gate code (not phone number) when creating payment portal accounts.

  6. Click Save.

After you’ve edited your settings, any tenant who moves in online will have to make contact with the office at that location in order to obtain their gate code. Their confirmation will tell them to contact your office for their gate code.

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