.NET 4.8 Framework Updates - an FAQ

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In December 2019, we'll be migrating SiteLink to the newer .NET 4.8 Framework. That means that any computers running SiteLink will need to update to .NET 4.8 as well to continue using SiteLink.

We're sure this brings up some questions, so we've put together this FAQ for you.

Why is SiteLink upgrading to .NET 4.8?
We care immensely about bringing the best possible experience to our users, and that means when better technology is available, we pretty much have to adopt it. Upgrading SiteLink to run on the .NET 4.8 Framework is an effort to keep up with recent technology.

Why do I need to update to .NET 4.8?
In short, you'll need to upgrade your computer to the .NET 4.8 Framework so that SiteLink Web Edition will still work for you. Some users may already be on the .NET 4.8 Framework and will not need to complete the update.

How do I know if I need to update to .NET 4.8?
During the next SiteLink Web Edition Live Update on November 5, you'll receive a prompt to upgrade to .NET 4.8. If you've already run the upgrade, you won't receive this notification. If you don't update at that time and close the notification, you'll continue to receive notifications at login and when your computer is idle. In short, if you receive notifications that you need to update, you'll need to complete the update.

I already updated. Do I need to do anything else?
Nope! We applaud you for being on top of all the latest updates!

I haven't run the update yet. How soon do I need to do that?
Since SiteLink will be upgrading SiteLink Web Edition to run on .NET 4.8 in December, 2019, it's best if you run the update before December. On November 5, you'll be prompted to update to .NET 4.8 with the Live Update. We recommend you take care of the update at that time. However, you have until the December 2019 release to update if November 5 is not convenient for you.

Do I need to update my operating system, too?
Maybe, yes. It depends on what version of Windows you are currently running. If you are using Windows 8, you'll need to update to Windows 8.1 (here's how - it's free!). It's safe to say that if the .NET 4.8 Framework upgrade is not successful on your computer, you'll need to update your operating system.

You already sent us a .NET 4.8 update prompt with the last Live Update and it didn't work well for me. What do I do if it doesn't work again?
Unforeseen technical difficulties made the update difficult or impossible for many of our users. We sincerely apologize for the issues you may have experienced - and we're well aware and prepared for what could go wrong this time. We're doing everything we can to ensure this update goes well. However, if it doesn't, these steps might be useful:

  1. Open the SiteLink application.
  2. Go to Tools and click Launch Live Update.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the Live Update.
  4. Once the Live Update is complete, log into SiteLink Web Edition as you normally would.
  5. You will see the .NET Framework update prompt again. Click OK or Next to launch the Installer.
  6. The installer will guide you through installing the .NET Framework.
  7. You may get a message stating that you have pending Windows updates. If that is the case, you'll need to navigate to your Windows Updates menu on your computer (click on the Windows search menu and type "updates") to run those updates manually.
  8. Restart your computer before attempting to install the .NET Framework update again.
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