How to set prerequisite events for gate lockout past due events

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Many self-storage operators find value in having better control over when gate lockout occurs for which subsets of their tenants. In SiteLink Web Edition, gate lockout is assigned to a past due event, and when that past due event has been processed, the tenant is then locked out. Many operators prefer to have the option to delay gate lockout in some situations, so we’ve added a prerequisite for gate lockout past due events to meet that need. 

⚠️Prerequisite events for gate lockout cannot be recurring events, so recurring events are filtered out of the selection list when choosing the prerequisite.

To set a prerequisite for a gate lockout past due event:

  1. From SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup.

  2. On the next screen, select Past Due Events.

  3. The next screen will display your past due events. Select Gate Lockout from the list and click Edit.

  4. At the bottom of the next screen, select a prerequisite event from the dropdown list and select the number of days after the prerequisite event that you would like gate lockout to take place.

  5. Click Ok to save your changes. Saving a prerequisite ensures that gate lockout does not occur until the past due event chosen as a prerequisite is completed within your software.

Once you’ve set your prerequisite for gate lockout, the rest is simple: when you’re processing your past due events for tenants, do not process the event set as a prerequisite for gate lockout for tenants that you’d like to maintain access for your facility until you’re ready for them to be locked out. The tenant won’t be locked out until the days chosen in Step 4 have passed after processing the prerequisite event.


If you set a prerequisite and set gate lockout to occur 5 days after the prerequisite:

  • When the prerequisite is met, this is Day 1.

  • Process the list for those that you’d like to be locked out on Day 5.

  • For those you’d like to give more time, process them later. If you process them on Day 10, they’ll be locked out on Day 14.

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