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Storage of goods while doing online business

alfredscott2019alfredscott2019 CanadaRegistered User
During my college days, I always dreamt of starting an online business of my own. Since I did not have the necessary skills and funds with me when I passed out, I planned to go for further studies. I did my post-graduation in E-commerce and internet marketing and also did a part-time job along with that. Once I completed post-graduation, I also worked for three years in an advertising company. It helped me to improve my skills and gain more experience. I also made sufficient funds to start a business. Finally, I started a textile business online. One of the main problems I faced after starting this business was the storage problem. I was finding it difficult to store the excess stock. When I searched for some storage solutions online, I came across a warehouse liquidation company. When I approached them, they helped me find a solution to store and liquidate the goods. Does anyone know how much is a standard warehouse liquidation cost?


  • iarrasiarras CanadaRegistered User
    edited March 31
    Fascinating facts about drop-shipping and business. Thanks for sharing. It's getting better and better to have your e-commerce shop set up and the pandemic has become the fuel to this sector. So many people are afraid to visit shops physically and it only makes sense to see electronic ones taking over. I was talking the other day with a financial advisor that I found thanks to and he was telling me that Bitcoin and e-commerce will be the winners of the next 3-4 years as the world is not going to return to normal as fast as we thought.

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