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Storage of goods while doing online business

alfredscott2019alfredscott2019 CanadaRegistered User
During my college days, I always dreamt of starting an online business of my own. Since I did not have the necessary skills and funds with me when I passed out, I planned to go for further studies. I did my post-graduation in E-commerce and internet marketing and also did a part-time job along with that. Once I completed post-graduation, I also worked for three years in an advertising company. It helped me to improve my skills and gain more experience. I also made sufficient funds to start a business. Finally, I started a textile business online. One of the main problems I faced after starting this business was the storage problem. I was finding it difficult to store the excess stock. When I searched for some storage solutions online, I came across a warehouse liquidation company. When I approached them, they helped me find a solution to store and liquidate the goods. Does anyone know how much is a standard warehouse liquidation cost?
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