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How do I adjust insurance default settings?

Ashley_DAshley_D TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭
edited November 16 in Advanced Operations FAQs

SiteLink provides you with a way to set default insurance protection plans for your units so you can easily add insurance coverage during the tenant move-in process.

To set up default insurance coverage:

1. From the SiteLink Corporate Control Center, click on Insurance and Protection Plans.

2. Select a facility from the list and click Next.

3. Click Setup for your insurance provider. In this example, we are using Bader.

4. Click Set Defaults.

5. In this example, all units that are not excluded from insurance have a default coverage of a $2,000 policy ($8/mo). To change the insurance recommendation, click the checkboxes for the units you would like to change. 


6. Click the dropdown menu and select the coverage you would like. If you want to remove default coverage, select None.

7. Click Apply to save your selection.

8. Click Yes to confirm your changes.

As you can see below, the two 5x10 units now have a recommended default coverage of $3,000 ($12/mo).

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