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Troubleshooting: Web template errors when using an iFrame

Ashley_DAshley_D TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭
edited November 16 in Troubleshooting

The SiteLink Web Template is a free service for SiteLink Web Edition users that provides basic booking and payment functionality. An iFrame is often used to display the Web Template on SiteLink customers’ websites. However, many modern web browsers have begun restricting 3rd-party cookies which affects any websites using an iFrame, including those using SiteLink Web Template. 

How will I know if I am affected?   

Tenants typically report receiving an error such as “Too many redirects”, “Error 404”, or “Your session has timed out” when they try to pay online through the Web Template. 

How can I fix this problem?

As a short term solution, tenants can either enable 3rd party cookies in their web browser or try using a different browser. 

The best long term solution is to remove the iFrame. This will redirect the user to a new page and bypass the issue with 3rd-party cookies. To do this, you can generate a link and instructions for your web developer to remove the iFrame and redirect tenants to the Web Template instead.

Generate a link for your web developer 

From the Corporate Control Center, click on Website and Web Template Setup.

On the Website tab, select the radio button labeled Use my existing website (not SiteLink Store) as my company’s primary website. Then, click the button in the bottom left corner labeled URLs and other required information for your web developer

From the next window, you can either download the instructions or email them directly to your web developer. 

Once the iFrame is removed, customers will be redirected to a new page when they click the Pay Now button on your website.

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