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Storable Payments - Security FAQ

Ashley_DAshley_D TXRegistered User, Registered Moderator, Community Manager ✭✭
edited October 26 in Storable Payments
warning This article is intended for SiteLink clients who are using Storable Payments as their payment processor.

Q: Which users can view Payments information in SiteLink Corporate Control Center?

A: If a user has access to the Corporate Control Center (CCC), they can view Payments information for any locations that they have access to. The data cannot be edited and is essentially read-only access. If you are migrating to Storable Payments from another payment processor, site managers who previously did not have access to a Virtual Terminal most likely do not need access to the Corporate Control Center. Users are able to activate Storable Payments for any location/s they have access to, so we recommend limiting access until your locations are set up.

Read more about how to set user permissions for CCC and limit user access by location on the Storage Forum. 

Q: What Payments information can Corporate Control Center users see?

A: For the locations they have access to, users can see transaction data and the last 4 digits of the bank account used for deposits. Users with access to those locations in SiteLink Web Edition would already be able to view this same information. Users only have the ability to issue refunds in CCC if this permission is also enabled for them for SiteLink Web Edition. Currently, with Storable Payments, users can only issue refunds from individual sites in SiteLink Web Edition, so users would not be able to issue refunds just because they have CCC access. The information in CCC that is different from what a user in SiteLink Web Edition can see is the Payments monthly fees, deposit amounts, and the transactions that make up each deposit.

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