How do I run a Live Update?

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SiteLink regularly updates your software with new features and bug fixes, so running updates whenever they are available will help you ensure the best experience using your software. Before Quarterly Releases, we will notify you of the upcoming release so that you can leave SiteLink running overnight in order to apply the update automatically. Otherwise, you will receive a notification the next time you log in to run the update. 

In order to run a Live Update:

If you are not logged into SiteLink Web Edition, click Maintenance from the sign-in screen.

Click Launch LiveUpdate.

Follow the prompts to agree to the license agreement and complete the update. 

If you are already logged into SiteLink Web Edition, click Tools.

Select Launch Live Update from the drop-down menu.

SiteLink will need to close as part of the update. Click Yes from the popup to proceed. 


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