Storable Payments 2022: What's New

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June 28, 2022

Pre-populate cardholder name

We made a change to the Process Credit Card screen so the tenant name will automatically be populated in the Cardholder Name field.

June 14, 2022

Allow voiding transactions only

We have added a new setting that allows you to give users permission to void payments (reverse it before your deposit cut-off time) without also giving them permission to issue refunds in SiteLink. The new setting can be found by navigating to Security Levels > Other. Under the Refunds section, you will see a new checkbox to Allow voiding transactions only (for payments made same-day before bank settlement.)

A user with void only permission can void a payment as usual. If the payment has settled and it is too late to void the payment, they will see an error preventing them from moving forward.

May 25, 2022

Add and edit a chargeback email address

We added a Chargeback Contact Email field to SiteLink myHub to allow you to add and edit the email address used for  chargeback notifications. Adding an email address for chargeback notifications allows the correct contact at your company to be notified in the event of a chargeback. The field is located on a new Chargebacks tab that can be found by navigating to Payments and then Chargebacks. A different email address can be set for each location on your account by using the Location dropdown menu. 

Please note: We do not currently support sending chargeback notifications to multiple email addresses. If multiple people at your company need to receive chargeback notifications for each location, we recommend setting up a distribution list and using that email address as the chargeback notification email.

You can learn more about our chargeback process in our article: What is the chargeback process for Storable Payments?

May 17, 2022

Verify AVS button

We have added a Verify AVS button to the Auto Billing setup screen. This button can be used to verify AVS prior to saving a credit card on file. Please note: Including AVS information is not required for Auto Billing however, including it can help decrease credit card decline rates. If you enter AVS information when adding a customer's credit card on file, Storable Payments will automatically verify AVS when you click OK to save. It is not required that you click the Verify AVS button prior to saving a credit card on file.

Additionally, after saving a card on file, the Credit Card Roll report in SiteLink Web Edition will now show the AVS status.

April 19, 2022

Decline messages

We’ve updated decline messages so you will receive clear explanations and instructions when a payment fails. This will help you know what action to take so the next attempt to take the payment is successful.

January 25, 2022

Credit Card Roll report

We resolved an issue that prevented some users from running the Credit Card Roll report in some instances.

Refunding reservation fees

We resolved an issue that prevented some users from refunding reservation fees in some instances.

January 11, 2022

Transaction type 

We've added a new column to the Transactions screen in SiteLink MyHub called Transaction Type. This will display whether each transaction was a sale, refund, or void.

Credit Card Payments report

We resolved an issue that was causing failures when attempting to run the Credit Card Payments report in SiteLink Corporate Control Center.

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