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How do I turn on LeadAlert™ automated phone call reminders? [Software Setup] [FAQ]

SiteLink_SystemSiteLink_System NA ✭✭
edited April 2017 in Software Setup

How do I use the free LeadAlert™ feature in SiteLink Web Edition to receive an automated notification phone call for every inquiry/reservation generated through my website or call center?

SiteLink Tech Support Answer
Launch Corporate Control Center. In the Site Setup, click the "Rules for Website, Kiosks and Call Centers" button.
In the section for SiteLink LeadAlert, by default "No automated phone call notification" is selected. Select either "Automated phone call notification to the phone number on the Site Setup screen" or "Automated phone call notification to the phone number listed below" and enter a specific phone number. Save selection by clicking the "OK" button.

1. When enabled, a store will still receive any SiteLink Bulletin or email inquiry/reservation notifications they setup. LeadAlert's automatic, real-time calls let managers react more quickly than visual prompts.
2. There is no charge to use this feature, it is free for SiteLink Web Edition customers.
3. Currently only available in the U.S.

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