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Do I Need To Do A Daily Close And How Often? [Basic Operations] [FAQ]

SiteLink_SystemSiteLink_System NA ✭✭
edited April 2017 in Billing and Accounting

I know the text says daily close but do I have to perform this every day and if so how often throughout the day should I perform this daily close task?
SiteLink Technical Support Answer
The Daily Close screen in SiteLink is meant as a way to verify the payment information SiteLink should match the actual cash, checks, credit cards, and other transactions you have received for the period. This allows you to catch discrepancies (like a missing payment, or a duplicate, or incorrect payment amounts) and correct them before it's too late. It also offers protection against some potentially abusive activities like deleting payment receipts by locking payments and charges out from the ability to be deleted.
How often you should opt to do a Daily Close report depends on the frequency of payments for your facility. Most facilities find doing a close once at the very beginning or very end of the business day to be sufficient. Many sites do not have payment activity on a daily basis and do a close once a week or even once a month. Some facilities (especially ones that accept online payments 24 hours a day) need to do multiple closes in a day to help track all of their payment activity. There is no requirement to perform a Daily Close at any specific point in SiteLink and also no penalty for doing multiple closes per day.

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