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Does myHub require any setup before using? [SiteLink myHub] [FAQ]

SiteLink_SystemSiteLink_System NA ✭✭
edited April 2017 in SiteLink myHub

I'm a SiteLink Web Edition customer, what do I need to do before I start using SiteLink myHub?
SiteLink Technical Support Answer
As a SiteLink Web Edition customer, nothing needs to be done before using SiteLink myHub. It is a companion to SiteLink Web Edition, sharing the same database, so there is no migration of data nor conversion required.
Simply log into with your existing SiteLink credentials (corp code, location code, username and password.)
However, myHub only works if you have already setup SiteLink Web Edition. If you would like to start using SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink myHub, please contact [email protected] or call 1-919-865-0789 x1.

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