Is there a preferred tablet that works best with myHub? [SiteLink myHub] [FAQ]

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Can SiteLink myHub operate on an Apple iPad? If so, are there restrictions?

SiteLink Technical Support Answer
Technically any tablet will work with SiteLink myHub. However, some are better than others due to their hardware - better processors and more RAM make for faster performance.

Most tablets (Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and Apple iPads) made in last few years will suffice. Steer clear of the bargain tablets, but there is also no need to buy a top-shelf tablet. SiteLink myHub is not a processor intensive interface.

Common tablets our customers are currently using include the Samsung Galaxy(Android) and Apple iPad. Google Chrome is the recommended Internet Browser regardless of the tablet being used, but myHub will work in other browsers like Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, among others.

**Another thing to consider regarding performance is the speed of your Internet connection and signal strength of your WiFi or cellular connection.

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