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How Do I Regain Access To My Virtual Terminal And/Or Advanced Credit Card Payment Report? [FAQ]

I can't seem to login to my virtual terminal and need access to update my merchant services information, how can I reset my password or update my settings to get access?

SiteLink Technical Support Answer
On your virtual terminal login screen, click Forgot Password. You will be prompted to enter your username and the associated email address. A link will then be emailed to you. After you click the link and answer the security questions (created during setup), you will be able to reset your password.
If you have attempted an incorrect password three or more times, you may be locked out. If you are not the administrator on the merchant services account, you may contact your administrator, and they will be able to log in with their username and unlock you.
If you are an administrator and you are locked out, please contact our SiteLink OneSupport at 919-865-0789 (option 4), or email [email protected]

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