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How Do I Become PCI Compliant? [SiteLink Merchant Services] [FAQ]

I want to ensure that legally I am registered as PCI Compliant for financial security, how do I get registered?

SiteLink Technical Support Answer
Please visit and click Register Today. You will need your Merchant ID (MID) to register - the MID is located at the top of your credit card processing statements, as well as in the welcome letter you received from SiteLink Merchant Services. Once you’ve logged in, the website will walk you through the questionnaire and scan setup. The entire process generally takes about an hour to complete. After the scan has been performed, you will receive email confirmation as well as instructions on how to address any vulnerabilities, if detected. You will also receive email confirmation once you are fully PCI-compliant.
While the survey form and scan are self-explanatory, if you need help understanding them, or for other PCI compliance-related questions, please call the PCI Rapid Comply Help Desk at 877-201-3617.

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