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How Does EMV Help Prevent Fraud? [SiteLink Merchant Services EMV] [FAQ]

When talking about technology integrations in regards to gate access, overlocking and gate locking can often times be confused and misused. Here are the key differences and their true meanings in the self-storage industry:

SiteLink Technical Support Answer
Each EMV card comes with an embedded smart chip that is programmed by the card issuer to create an unique cryptogram (a secret code) for every transaction. The code represents a randomly generated numeral provided by the point-of-sale (POS) terminal at the time that the purchase amount is keyed in by the cashier. Use of an EMV chip triggers cardholder verification required for authentication: Chip & PIN; Chip & signature; or nothing. If connectivity with the card issuer is unavailable during the transaction, the chip determines whether the transaction may be processed offline.

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