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Can we use a signature pad with SiteLink eSign? [SiteLink eSign] [FAQ]

SiteLink_SystemSiteLink_System NA ✭✭
edited April 2017 in SiteLink eSign™

We would like to connect a USB signature pad to our store's PC for customers to electronically sign leases and insurance documents during a move-in. Can we do that? If so, is there a recommended signature pad we can use?

SiteLink Technical Support Answer
Yes. Tenants can electronically sign using a USB signature pad, mouse, keyboard or a finger/stylus and touchscreen (tablet, smartphone or pressure-sensitive monitor.)
Any USB signature pad recognized by your PC's operating system should work. We have tested and can recommend the "Topaz SigLite T-S461-HSB-R Slim Electronic Signature Capture Pad (Non-Backlit)".
You may also email the tenant a link to the lease (helpful when renting over the phone) or tenants can complete an online rental since SiteLink eSign is a browser-based solution.
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