SUPPORT WEBINAR Q&A: Top 5 New Essential myHub Features

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Below is the list of Answers to the Questions asked during the August 8, 2018 Support Webinar by SiteLink’s James Renouf. If you missed the webinar you may watch it on-demand here.  

Q. Will the new Credit Card Virtual Terminal be available in the Web Edition platform?
A. The new Credit Card Virtual Terminal was specifically designed to be used in SiteLink myHub.

Q. How do you switch locations in myHub?
A. If you are logged into myHub at the site level, click on the location name (has a location/map icon next to it) at the top of the screen. A list will drop down showing all of your locations, simply choose the one you’d like to switch to.

Q. How do I get SiteLink myHub?
A. You already have it! Go to and log in with your existing credentials–the same ones you use for Web Edition. All the same permissions carry over into myHub.

Q. Does the client photo show in the 3D Map?
A. Yes. Hover your mouse over a unit and the client photo (if one has been added to the tenant file) will appear in the 3D Map’s Photo palette. You can also double-click a unit to view the photo on the Unit Status page. Up to 9 images (ePhotos and eFiles) can be uploaded into each tenant file.

Q. Does myHub have a timeout feature for a user who has the left the program inactive for too long?
A. The browser session timeout for myHub is 1 hour. Currently this setting is not configurable from the Employee Setup screen in Web Edition.

Q. Can you limit access to employees when they are not at work?
A. Yes. The employee access settings you have established in Web Edition flow through to myHub. This includes selecting the days an employee can log on, specific times allowed for log on, and more.

Q. When will Corporate Control be available in myHub?
A. It already is! When you go to to log in, you will have the option to log into the Site Level (the “SiteLink Web Edition” panel on the login page) or Corporate Control Center, the panel on the right-hand side. Add your existing credentials and click Login.

Q. If I'm doing a move-in and a tenant calls to make a payment, how can I quickly and easily switch to the payments screen in myHub?
A. To work on a separate task in myHub, simply open a new browser tab and navigate to the payments screen, or any other screen you want.

You can also copy/paste a link from the browser tab to go directly to that specific screen in a new tab or window.

Q. With overnight batch processing for credit cards, will SiteLink only charge when payments are due and not after they become late?
A. The overnight process will batch out whatever cards you have processed that day.

Q. Does myHub have a demo mode like Sitelink Web Edition?
A. Yes, there is a demo mode available in myHub. It’s perfect for new users who want to learn myHub and practice various tasks without interfering with their company’s actual data. Existing SiteLink customers who wish to practice on the demo should contact Customer Support (919-865-0789 option 2) for the demo link, or email Those customers not yet using SiteLink myHub, know that it is FREE and can be accessed from (using existing web edition logon credentials).

Q. I would like to use SiteLink eSign electronic signature capture and storage when meeting with a new tenant at move-in. Can a client sign an eSign rental agreement on a tablet?
A. Yes, a tenant can sign that document whether you are using the computer, your phone or a tablet. Simply complete the move in and then go to myHub on that device to then pull up their eSign document for signing.

Q. When I use the 3D Map on my smartphone, the Unit, Photo and Reports screens are overlaid on top of the map. How do I minimize these to view more of the 3D Map?
A. On a smartphone or any other device, you can use the multi-directional arrow tool at the top-right to drag an overlay window anywhere on the screen. Or, use the upward-arrow button to minimize a palette.

Q. Will SiteLink myHub take the place of Web Edition?
A. There are currently no plans to replace SiteLink Web Edition. At this time, we still support SiteLink StandAlone as well as Sitelink Web Edition and myHub, and you are able to continue using any of those platform options.

Q. Is there as way to set a direct link to myHub on an Android phone, like an app button?
A. On your Android phone, use Google Chrome to go to Select the 3 dots in top-right of window and then choose “Add to Home Screen.”

Q. Can you process past due events such as a Past Due Notice in SiteLink myHub?
A. Currently you cannot process past due events from myHub.

Q. Can you search Lead to Lease to find customers that were entered from the desktop?
A. Yes, SiteLink Web Edition and myHub share the same database (updated in real time) so you will be able to search for tenants entered in either platform.

Q. Are all of the functions available in Web Edition also available in myHub?
A. Currently there are some differences between the two. We are working toward making myHub a full, robust solution that includes everything available in Web Edition and more.

Q. Will customers in Canada be able to use the new Credit Card Virtual Terminal in myHub?
A. The new Virtual Terminal will initially be released in the U.S. and is on the development roadmap to be extended to Canada.

Q. What is the easiest way to process a credit card for a long-distance move charge without the unit, besides using to Lead to lease?
Lead to Lease is the best option for this.

Q. How soon will I be notified if an ACH payment fails?
ACH payments are dependent on the bank. They can take 5 or more business banking days to fund. If it happens over a bank holiday or a weekend, you may need to wait 7 days.

Q. Will overnight batch processing be available in Canada?
Yes, overnight batch processing will be available to all customers and regions including Canada.


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    Thank you everyone who participated in this webinar, we're glad you registered!

    Feel free to ask more questions in this thread.

    Here are the results from polls taken during the webinar:

  • Irene_Pace
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    I tried to watch the Webinar, it started off great I could hear the instructor, then from about the 3DMap section, it got garbled like the connection was going in/out. Did anyone else have this problem? I thought it was our computer but I watched another webinar with no issues, I wanted to see if it was our computer.
  • MegumiM
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    I have another question about the 3D Map. I see how on the computer you can right click the map to view it from different angles. How does this feature work on a tablet or phone when you don't have a mouse?
  • Sue_C
    Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Irene_Pace, sorry to hear you had issues with the audio. It seems ok here on my end although there was a bit more of an echo than usual. But it didn't seem to lose connection. Have you tried it again? 
  • Sue_C
    Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @MegumiM, for tablets, etc, you can use a 3-finger swipe action on the screen to change the perspective/angle of the 3D Map!

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