600+ Reservations & Move Ins Using RapidStor Technology [Article]

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SiteLink Web Edition users that use the RapidStor module for their websites have now surpassed 600 Online Reservations and Move Ins, generating more than $2 million worth of Self Storage business.

And this does not include National Storage to use our RapidStor technology engine for their online Move In and Reservation process.

“Every month we are noticing more and more people using our online Reservations and Move In technology. Automated Move Ins and Reservations form a significant part of our overall monthly let up”, Ian Oliver of Capital Self Storage said.

“The benefit to us is that these Move Ins and Reservations are at full price, adding significantly to our bottom line. We would not be without this technology now”.

Should you put prices on the Web?

After returning from the United States last week, Centreforce’s Dallas Dogger said. “There is no longer a debate in the US about prices on the Web: it’s considered to be a standard now. Sites that do not put prices on the Web are handing business to their competitors. Storers are web smarty – they wont tolerate a lack of information on your website.”

Bob Copper, well respected management consultant of 101 Storage said: “You are really missing out if you don’t put your prices on the Internet” He was responding to questions from managers who are concerned about exposing prices, thinking that the opposition can beat them by a few dollars...

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