How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

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This is a good article that Sitelink Software shared:

How do you handle/respond to negative reviews?

I recently had a gentleman who rented a space from me and left an online review which was overall positive, but he mentioned two things that sort of stung.  So I sent him a personal response via e-mail that I made sure was upbeat and gracious, thanking him for his business.

He moved out a month later and left a follow up review (on Google this time) that was ALL complimentary, nothing negative.  I don't think he would have done that if I hadn't followed up with him on his first review.

So I know first hand that if someone gives you negative feedback (even if comes wrapped in a compliment), take it seriously!  Don't ignore it. 

Answer them in a winsome way that validates or at least acknowledges that their concern or their impression or their experience with your business matters to you.
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  • Ron
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    Almost all our negative reviews are from non-tenants. We have reported them, but google leaves them on. We have a couple from homeless mental tenants, (soon to be x-tenants). They give the homeless free cell phones here to help them on their job searches......and they leave delusional reviews, like wanting to see a tape of their last conversation, or that one of our employees switched out all the stones in their jewelry with fakes and faked a rolex to put in their unit.
  • TheresaB
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    I just recently had an old customer who was auctioned off in 2010, make an online review saying no to trust us, he lost everything he owned.  He made no attempt to make his scheduled payments after multiple signed payment arrangements.  We did everything we could to help him out. Is it better to leave this message alone seeing as we have over 150 5star reviews? 
  • Orkocean
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    Negative reviews aren't a nail in your coffin. If you have over 150 5 star reviews a few bad ones aren't that big of a deal as i'm sure you're overall rating is still in the upper 4 stars. Most customers who read reviews to make informed decisions are going to actually read the reviews and make an informed decision on if it's a legit bad review or not. If you do have negative reviews that are legit concerns take the time to respond to the review, reach out to the customer and kindly discuss any issues. Whatever you do by all means do not become hostile over the review or to the customer. Years ago we had a bad review from someone who wasn't even a customer but that lived across the street who complained that we had bands practicing in a unit *it was allowed at the site* and we actually got rentals BECAUSE of that review. One guy came in and said he appreciated that we didn't refuse service to musicians and it's what made him choose us.
  • i43storage
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    Responding to ALL reviews, positive and negative, is good business.  It lets the reader know you are listening to your customers; and, as @Orkocean mentioned, the reader can decide if the negative review was legit based on your response.
    Jean Marie
    I-43 Storage
  • Matt_W
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    We have those customers that you work with, you try and be fair as well as businesslike and they still turn around and bad mouth you.
    The bad reviews are unavoidable, it's just unfortunate that one bad review can undo ten good ones.
  • JamesStorage
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    I think the site its put on makes a difference too. I'm more apt to pay attention to some over others
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    We have one right now that I want to respond to so bad. The gentleman came in and asked when his pre lien would be a lien. I checked for him and noticed his prelien expired on a Saturday so I told him if he comes in Sunday before closing he would be fine because we do the liens first thing Monday morning and unless he gets here before she opens his lien would already be processed. He comes in Monday at 945 says I told him he had until 930 Monday morning and he knows he is late but it is only a few minutes can we cancel his fees, she said no so he left a review saying we say things and don't stand by them, but even by what he says we said he was still late lol
  • Orkocean
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    Respond to it. Regardless of good/bad reviews you should still respond to them. Just re-iterate the conversation, let him know you told him a specific time he HAD to be in by and he admittedly was late. You can't bend rules for specific customers or everyone would want special treatment. 

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