Top 5 Reasons why Professional images compliment your Website

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With the explosion of smartphones, one could be forgiven that a phone is all you need to take photos for your website.

Here are our top 5 reasons why professional images compliment your website.

  1. Phone camera images are not always sharp. Whilst you can download apps to control exposure, most picture takers use the standard settings in the camera. This can lead to phone shake and images that are not sharp. Professional images must be sharp.
  2. The images can be small to manipulate. Camera phones may have a relatively high resolution but the images themselves are optimised for storage. The images are designed to be viewed on a phone and don’t translate to high-quality large size images.
  3. Image consistency. When professional images are used for websites they are sized and colour graded from RAW images. A consistent gamut can be applied to each image, delivering polish to the finished result.
  4. Selective Focus. Photographers call this depth of field. This technique is used by professionals to highlight a specific part of an image. Used commercially, it can make a product stand out from the background.
  5. Are the images backed up? If they are on a phone, they can be easily lost. Professional photographers backup images.
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