Climate control and humidity control

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It's getting hot this summer, and humid too :) Does your facility offer dehumidifiers as well as climate control? Many customers store items sensitive to humidity, like art, electronics, and maybe books or wine, do they ask about humidity control at all? What do you charge for that?


  • DerekBrett
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    our 10x20 temp control goes for $20 more then non temp control 10x20 

  • JeffreyGreenberger
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    Sue:  We encourage people to stay away from the term climate control because it is probably not what you actually provide.  You probably provide heating and cooling, or maybe only one of these, making you temperature controlled, or heated or air cooled.  Likewise for humidity control, if you are not adding as well as dehumidifying, watch out for that term, because it implies you are providing a service you are not actually providing.  Since there are no national definitions of these terms in our industry, our customers perceptions of what these terms mean really define them.  You can end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit quickly by using these terms incorrectly. 
  • AZStorageGuy
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    I manage a site which has, as I like to tell prospects, "all-natural" climate control, nothing man-made or artificial.

    Heated in summer, cooled in winter. :D
     William McBride

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