Website overhaul—is it worth the investment?

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Our sales team gets this question from customers, so I thought I'd ask for everyone's input...
"Is a website overhaul a good place to put advertising dollars? Did the added expense paid off in more rentals?"
Add your comments about this important topic...


  • Ron
    Ron Registered User ✭✭✭
    More people are looking at the website than the yellow pages ad. It does need to be a priority. 
  • DanielWest
    DanielWest Registered User
    Our industry is evolving like crazy! I've heard so many stories from owners/operators who shifted their marketing/advertising budget to a digital/website focus to keep up with their customer's purchasing behavior. 

    One such story is from Lee Fredrick of Grow Your Storage:
    When talking about websites and online renting he says, “The important component is it brings in a different type of customer, people who are technologically savvy”.  The majority of self storage users are now looking to search engines to find storage, then expect a website to easily interact with regardless of the device they're on.
    Being found when & where your users are looking has a huge effect on rentals and bottom line.

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