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10 Cool Ways to Survive Summer in Miami

Chuck_VionChuck_Vion VASiteLink Employee, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified marketplace moderator
edited July 2017 in Florida

Summer is Miami’s low season for a reason. The potent mix of heat and humidity here is enough to take down a well-seasoned local, not to mention the garden variety tourist.

And sure, we’ve got a little something called the Atlantic Ocean to help us stay cool, but coming home with sand uncomfortably entrenched in every bodily crevice starts to get old quick. Plus, trying to clean it out of your car afterwards is definitely not recommended for beating the summer heat.

What’s a local to do? Well, turns out there’s plenty. SpareFoor rounded up a list of 10 things you can eat, drink and do to help survive Miami’s summer season.

Do you agree with the @SpareFoot list? Any others to add?

Chuck Vion
FineView Marketing
  |  Chief Marketing Officer
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