Operating more than one facility at a time!

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Because we run and operate 5 facilities from one location we will have all 5 sitelink programs up and running on one computer.  Often when a tenant calls we find ourselves in the wrong facility program/location.  Isn't there some way that we could change the "color background" of the program making is easier to identify which facility program we're in?  I mean permanently change the color.


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    Hello @mrdbryan, that would be an excellent feature request. The only way to make a feature request is to contact tech support directly by phone 919-865-0789 (option 2) or email at support@sitelink.com. Calls are answered pretty much right away so don't feel like you'll be on hold for a long time. It's also good to talk to a specialist because they may need some specifics as to what you're looking for. Thanks for posting.
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    Hi mrdbryan

    I think that is a cool idea (different color screens for each location), however I wanted to make sure that you (and others) are aware there is a built in tool for your situation in the Corporate Control Center (CCC).   Many of our multi store operators, management companies & Call centers use the Corporate Control Center "Tenant Accounts" to do a global search across all databases in the scenario you describe.   

    In the lower left corner of CCC, click on "Tenant Accounts".

    Whether you have a first name, last name, unit number, or any other identifier, put what information you have into the search field at the top, and click "Search All Sites":

    As you can see above, I searched just for "John", and it searched through all locations for any 'John', (Also:  'John-boy' or someone with "Johnsonburg"/"John's LLC" as the city/company would also show up). This is really helpful when you have an oddly spelled name or partial information, and wildly helpful when the tenant doesn't know the name/location of the store where they are renting :-)  In your scenario you may find it quickest to search on a partial phone number showing up in your caller ID? Either way, you simply click on the tenant record returned, and it opens up the correct Web Edition location already on that record. No worries if you already have SLWE screens open, it will just bring the proper one forward. 

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    Great point about using Corporate Control Center David!

    @mrdbryan are you using SiteLink myHub yet? The browser-based interface of SiteLink Web Edition has super-fast location switching built-in. Take a payment for one store and then in a split second switch to another store using a drop-down list in the top right of the screen to move a customer in at one of your other stores. Operate more than one facility at a time from any computer, tablet, or smartphone using SiteLink myHub - which is free with your SiteLink Web Edition subscription.

    Here are some resource on using SiteLink myHub:
    SiteLink myHub StorageForum discussion category
    SiteLink myHub FAQs
    SiteLink myHub product webpage
    SiteLink myHub on-demand support webinar

    Chuck Vion
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