Two sides of a story about development in a little town. What do you think?

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"If all goes according to plan, the houses and barns will be gone before long...."

Residents say:
“It was great here until everything built up around us,” said George, a retired truck driver, wringing his hands at the kitchen table. “It used to be so quiet here. We sure miss all our old friends. We wish we knew where we're going to go.”

Developers say:
Cornerstone Storage's rezoning application calls George and Donna's home “not representative of the highest and best use for the property.” Cornerstone says its “garage condo” storage units are ideal for “collector cars, art, jet skis, snowmobiles and luxury RVs,” an amenity they say is “particularly attractive to business leaders, executives and professionals.”

Read more in the article Self-storage business could displace longtime residents from the Littleton Independent.

This is familiar story. What are your thoughts on this?

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