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We have been using the Inquires and Reservations since April.  We no longer do any move-ins from the map or move-in tab so we can better track everything.  One issue we have been having is when a customer is wanting to transfer units and either we don't have that size available or the specific unit they want.  We would add them to the I&R, but since you can't do transfers in I&R...this is causing a problem.  We now have to cancel the reservation and just do the transfer, but then it makes us look like we have a bunch of cancellations.  My other thought on how to do would be to add note and reminder in the customer's account, but then we would be having to update the note daily.  Any other suggestions?


  • cashgloria
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    When transferring a tenant to a new unit, I am not given the option of esigning the lease, insurance sign up, etc.  It only asks if I want to print a lease and if I say no,  it doesn't generate a lease at all.  How do I change the settings to have the lease esignable 
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    After the transfer, you can go into the payments screen, letters, select the lease and there will be "esign options" on the right. Click it and you should be able to generate a new one to send or sign.
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    Hi, @cashgloriaThe prompt to print a lease during a transfer will generate a signable lease, similar to a move-in. However, only the lease is included. We are looking to improve the transfer process with more eSign options and streamlined controls to match the move-in process in the future. If you would like to generate all new e-documents when any tenant changes units, then we recommend using a move-out & move-in flow instead of transfers. Hope this helps! 

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