Eclipse 2017 - Post Pictures, please!

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Post pictures from your location.  San Antonio will be about 65%.  Ya'll up in Raleigh will be 99.9% right? 


  • Chuck_Vion
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    Actually @LSAirport we were more like 90%. Wish I had taken the day and traveled to an area of Totality. But I enjoyed checking in on NASA's live stream to see some amazing accounts from across the country!

    Fun day yesterday watching the Solar Eclipse and talking science with my coworkers. The light outside noticeably dimmed and it got much cooler during the event, but never really got dark. I don't have any great photos of Eclipse from our vantage point (only had my iPhone), but here are a few I took while we were outside.

    My dog Willow streaking by, lol.

    Some of the SiteLink crew sharing Viewing Glasses and apparatuses.

    View inside my cereal box viewer. Photo is weak, it was actually very  pronounced, bright and sharp.

    Photographed with iPhone through Eclipse Viewing Glasses.

    The crescent patterns in the trees' shadow was pretty cool!

    I'd love to see what others captured during the event!

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