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WEBINAR Q&A: Artificial Intelligence and the Self-Storage Operator

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2017 in Industry Webinars
Below is the list of Answers to the Questions asked during the August 23, 2017 Artificial Intelligence industry webinar with Scott Styer and Ashley Shealey. If you missed the webinar you may watch it on-demand from the SiteLink website.

Q. Can I set up AI (Artificial Intelligence) using software I already have such as Microsoft Office?
A. Microsoft Office and programs like it are great for data collection. There are “triggers” you can program to assist with this, but the whole idea behind AI is getting the computer or software to analyze data for you.

Q.We collect so much data from a lot of sources. What’s a good starting point for gathering all my data in one place?
A. Any database out there such as Microsoft Access will work, or even a simple spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets. Once you have your data in a spreadsheet it can be imported into an analytics program. Start with the simplest platforms, and from there you may want to move to or skip the extra work and use an integrated analytics solution found in the SiteLink Marketplace.

Q. Why would I need AI if I can just view my data on reports and see things like owner alerts in my management summary?
A. With data alone you have to analyze it yourself. However, as we all know, life happens—maybe you’re short-staffed and you just end up having all this data sitting there—it’s not providing the insights you need in order to grow your business.The big difference is that AI watches everything for you and keeps you updated through the use of email and alerts. It’s like having somebody assist you in watching the important activities happening within your business—around the clock. It’s efficient, saves time, and it cuts out some of the potential human error.

Q. If a customer is looking for storage and they’re already at the website, why would anyone need AI to help the manager of the store?
A. AI would help understand this particular customer and also to help get other customers to come back. Say you have a customer looking at your website and they’ve been shopping for movers at the same time. There could be trends seen via the AI that help you determine this customer’s additional needs, such as boxes or other add-ons. The Salesforce Einstein feature is a good example of AI helping to connect with customers in this way.

Q. Do you know of any companies that look at the tenant’s income to determine rate increases?
A. Yes, there are a couple of different programs that come to mind, such as District Manager, a SiteLink Marketplace Partner that uses this type of dynamic revenue management. Additional analytic integration options can be found in the SiteLink Marketplace.

Q. Does NOA have “canned” programs?
A. Yes, NOA has two standalone, or “canned,” programs. Revenue Pro is currently available and Career Evolution will be available soon. You won’t need additional software such as Salesforce for these, and they integrate with SiteLink. Learn more at
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