Lead to Lease in SiteLink myHub delivers ultimate control on a corporate-wide level

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Did you know? The new Lead to Lease workflow in SiteLink myHub Corporate Control gives you ultimate control over leads and reservations on a corporate-wide level. It’s like a bird’s-eye-view of all leads coming into all your stores–from your website, phone, email, and more–giving you the power to convert to reservations in one screen with just a few clicks.

Schedule follow-ups, reminders, and need-by dates. Use the new Filters and Reminders button to instantly view follow-ups for today, reservations to move in, and reservations without an available unit. Take advantage of Competitor Tracking features to stay on top of trends in your area. View your unit availability and rates all within one beautiful, streamlined user interface redesigned for easy, intuitive use.

Because it’s myHub, now you can access this control on a corporate level from any device–tablet, phone, Mac, or PC–from anywhere. So whether you’re on-the-go, offsite, or just making rounds through a facility, simply use the same credentials to log into SiteLink myHub Corporate Control and start taking charge of incoming leads. It’s that easy.

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