How to Move When You Have Dogs and Cats

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Your pets may understand a few words, but they will not comprehend, “Can you please be on your best behavior in the back seat as we drive 1,700 miles across the country to our new home?” [Read the full article from The New York Times]


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    Cats are more acutely affected by a change of residence. Before you move, trim your cat's claws. Because cats are not used to leaving the house and being in a carrier. They will try to break free, and they can tear off a claw during these attempts. Make sure that the cat is not hot in the carrier in the car. Bring water with you. If you want to organize the move so that all family members, including pets, stay comfortable? Consider shifting most of the hassle to professional movers. The specialists at are happy to come to the rescue. You will only have to keep an eye on the condition of your pet. After all, he is more important than anything else.

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