Expands Internationally with Online Auctions in Canada Australia, New Zealand

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First and only U.S. storage auction platform to operate outside North America

–– August 22, 2017 –– The original innovators of online storage auctions at announced today that the company is expanding its service to meet the needs of storage facilities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“ is now the only online storage auction service to operate outside of North America, and that is a strategic move,” said the company CEO and President Jim Grant. “The availability of and demand for self storage avenues in overseas countries is nowhere near what it is in the United States, of course, but it is growing steadily. By being first in the market, we are positioning ourselves to become the dominant player in online storage auctions internationally, just as we did with Storage Battles* in the United States in 2012.”

Along with Grant’s deep connections in the self storage industry worldwide, a key driver of this expansion was the integration of technology into the website’s platform that allows it to accept any international currency from both facilities and storage auction buyers. is reinventing the storage auction industry by providing a newer, faster and easier-to-use website for self storage auctions. The company also has a designated International Accounts Manager and 24-hour customer service to work with facilities both at home and abroad one-on-one to maximize profit and efficiency. Bidders can use its mobile-friendly storage auction site to not only find and purchase the contents of storage units, but to resell items they don’t want to keep for personal use.

About offers self storage facilities the most versatile online auction platform in the industry with integration with all management software systems. Our website provides a platform that is efficient and easy to post past due liened units. Our knowledgeable and trusted staff provides first-hand experience to facilitate your auction process and obtain you the highest loss recovery possible. is reinventing the online auction industry and is the first company to offer these services internationally throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Call 480-900-8350 or visit us at for more information.

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