SiteLink Launches Certified Professional Training Program

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Groundbreaking training course will educate users and recognize proficiency in SiteLink self-storage management software

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, introduces the “SiteLink Certified Professional” program for users of the award-winning SiteLink management software. The SiteLink Certified Professional program delivers a sound understanding of SiteLink tools, including those used less frequently, and fills a much-needed void for consistent, thorough training in self-storage management software.

Online program is free, self-paced and maintained by SiteLink
The content covers both beginner topics like tenant move-ins and more advanced tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The program is browser-based so users can start, stop, continue and complete the training on any Internet-connected device. SiteLink users take the Courses, which are self-paced, at no additional cost.

There are currently three levels of certification - Daily Operations, Advanced Operations and SiteLink Administrator. Additional Courses and content will be added (all those who enroll will receive notifications when new content available.) Each Course consists of a number of Units with recap questions at the end of each Unit. After enrolling, you may review the content for any Unit without answering questions for quick training purposes. However, to become certified, the Units must be answered in order and 100% correct. You may re-answer incorrect questions. Users print out a personalized Certificate of Achievement after mastering each Course.

Identifies qualified candidates, lowers training costs
Owners often spend thousands on training staff. The SiteLink Certified Professional training and certification program reduces operator training costs and delivers more value to SiteLink customers. Companies can hire with confidence when a manager presents their SiteLink Certified Professional credentials. “The high cost of employee turnover and training burdens self-storage,” said Ross Lampe, President of SiteLink. “We listened to our customers and addressed this need by investing in a SiteLink Certified Professional program. This program is a win-win for owners and their staff.”

Powerful SiteLink features take center stage
SiteLink Web Edition features are so powerful and produce more profits because they are easy to use and better tailored, or adapted, to each task. Those who master and use them properly boost the value of their self-storage business. As self-storage continues to develop into a skills-based business, qualified employees representing your brand and your store are increasingly important.

After enjoying tremendous success in Australia, the SiteLink Certified Professional program is now ready for global distribution. Dallas Dogger, SiteLink International, commented on why training is crucial in this industry: “Values of newer self-storage facilities exceed 10 million dollars. You cannot entrust operation of these investments to unskilled people. Shockingly, some managers have never received any training. They are left to themselves to learn how to use the software, how to rent units and how to run the day-to-day business.”

SiteLink Certified Professionals enjoy special recognition
Certified users will receive special designation on StorageForum, SiteLink’s online community, with a unique role displayed alongside their user name and an earned badge included with their profile. Staff achieving this certification will also have access to additional resources and benefits.

Visit to begin your SiteLink Certification.


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    I recommend this program to every owner. Do you staff really know how to use SiteLink properly. The SCP program makes sure they do!
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    SiteLink International
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