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We offer outdoor parking spaces for rent but currently we are using the same contract as the storage units. We are trying to figure out if we need to have a separate contract for our outdoor parking spaces. Does anyone have a separate contract for outdoor parking that I could take a look at?


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    Gold Book has a parking addendum form for vehicles and boats. Don't know which state you are in because the laws change. I would check with your state Self Storage association to see available forms.

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    Anyone Know what the storage laws are in Alabama for Boat, and RV storage?
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    My large family is currently taking a road trip in an RV. career perfect reviews I am currently plotting out stops at RV parks on our way to Florida. I would like to know of the fees and charges at these parks and also about new rules for COVID-19.  
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    GinaVal said:
    Gold Book has a parking addendum form for vehicles and boats. Don't know which state you are in because the laws change. I would check with your state Self Storage association to see available forms.

    What is gold book? I googled it, but a lot of junk popped up.
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    Here is what we use in NC.  Like other stated, make sure you check your state's laws and adjust as needed. 


    This is an addendum to the  Self Storage ,  Self-Storage/Lessor) Rental Agreement dated ________________ _______________.

    For Space ______    between  Self  Storage  (Lessor) and ____________________  (Lessee)

    Name of registered owner of vehicle ____________________  State of registration __________ 

    Make of vehicle __________                        Type (auto, pickup, etc.) __________ 

    Year of mfg. __________ Color(s) __________ 

    Vehicle Identification Number (VPN #) __________ License plate # __________ (on dashboard or driver’s side door)

    Make of trailer <ESign.TextBoxOptional>    Type trailer <ESign.TextBoxOptional>   
    (boat, utility, flatbed, etc.)
    License plate # <ESign.TextBoxOptional>  State <ESign.TextBoxOptional> 

    Serial # of trailer <ESign.TextBoxOptional> 

     Self Storage  must be provided proof of ownership of vehicle. 
    Copy of insurance certificate is attached ; ___   copy of title/registration is attached  ___ 

    Prior to storage of any vehicle, a copy of the title and/or registration must be provided along with proof of insurance.  All vehicles must be titled and or registered to Lessee ONLY.  This is a requirement for each vehicle stored.
    1. Access to your vehicle will be limited to the facilities gate access hours if you need extended access to your vehicle, please contact the manager as soon as possible.
    2. There is not to be any mechanical work or restoration work done on any vehicle while it is on Self Storage property.
    3. Vehicles must be stored in their entirety, no motors or sections of vehicles may be stored.
    4. Management requires that you notify the office when your vehicle is going to be removed for more than four (4) days.
    5. Please do not store any visible items in your vehicle.  You may use your trunk only for storing loose items.  All items are stored at the Lessee’s own risk.
    6. Lessee is responsible for any damage to Self Storage property as well as to other Lessee’s property including damage from leaking fuel, oil, fluids or acids.
    7. Any change in vehicles being parked must be reported to the office and new paperwork done on vehicle.
    8. Vehicle must be parked in the center of the assigned parking space. If a vehicle is not parked in the assigned space, the owner will be notified that they have 24hrs to vacate the incorrect space. If the vehicle is not removed,  Self Storage will have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.
    9. Any vacant space with rent unpaid for more than 5 days will be considered abandoned.  
    10. Lessor may make written request to Lessee by certified mail, return receipt, for Lessee to move their vehicle or trailer to another space for purposes of Lessor’s repaving, restriping, general maintenance, facility reconfiguration, or other purposes. If Lessee fails to move their vehicle or trailer by the date and time requested, which may be no sooner than seven days from the date of the mailing of such request, Lessor may have the vehicle or trailer moved to another location at Lessee’s expense. Lessor will promptly notify Lessee by mail or phone of any relocation authorized by this paragraph.
    Failure to comply with any of the above will result in termination of lease and/or towing of vehicle at owner’s expense.  

    I have read and understand the above:

    __________________________________________________              Date:  ________ 
    Signature of Lessee

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    This was very helpful to us in Las Vegas as we just built a new 96 space RV section. We are starting from the ground up so we very much appreciate you uploading the whole thing.
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    @storable_support ^^  Link to Candy Crush???   :D
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    @MamaDuke7 - Thanks!! We got it "crushed"  ;)

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