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The “storage castle” changed East Colfax in 1926, and then never changed again

United Stor-All Central Denver Self Storage on East Colfax Avenue. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Nearly a century ago, builders marked a pivotal moment in Capitol Hill’s history when they erected the ornate brick-and-limestone tower that looms over East Colfax Avenue and Vine Street.

At the time the tower was built, new residents were flocking to the greater Capitol Hill area. Unlike their predecessors who could afford Victorian homes and mansions, the newcomers rented smaller apartments and boarding houses.

The shift in living styles meant many of the new residents needed extra space somewhere to put their furs, carpets and other household goods, paving the way for the Weicker Depository — sometimes known colloquially as the storage castle — to be built in 1926. [Read more from the Denverite]

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