Self Storage Development in U.S. on the Rise in 2017

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Dallas, Miami and New York are Leading Metros for New Projects

According to CBRE, new construction of self-storage facilities is on the rise, with approximately 900 facilities expected to be constructed in 2017 - a 50% increase on the 600 new projects constructed last year.

Dallas is expected to see the most new construction this year, with an estimated 49 projects and 9.02 million square feet set to be delivered. Miami (21projects / 3.86 million sq. ft.); New York (16 projects / 2.92 million sq. ft.); Houston (16 projects / 2.87 million sq. ft.); and Atlanta (15 projects / 2.68 million sq. ft.) complete the top five metros for new construction in 2017. [Read more from the World Property Journal]

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