Pros & cons of running a small business from a storage unit [Article]

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Most of the major tech companies made their baby steps in garages. In case you have your own garage, go ahead and set it up to be your new office space. If you’re not that lucky, there’s a different solution...
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  • Erinlin
    Erinlin Registered User
    Setting up your office in a storage unit offers both pros and cons. However, safety concerns, vulnerability to nature's elements, and potential long-term expenses are cons. Before deciding, carefully weigh these factors to determine if a storage unit is the best fit for your new business office. Nowadays, there are many options and variants to find the perfect office space for any budget - from the cheapest to the most expensive. You just need to search. In our time, such a search can be done online - without leaving home. I wish you success in finding the perfect office for your business!
  • MamaDuke7
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