Centreforce Technology Group Wins Distinguished SSAA Service Member of Year Award

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edited November 2017 in Australasia
SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for self-storage operations of all sizes, is proud to announce that the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) has awarded the industry’s most prestigious supplier award to its representative, the Centreforce Technology Group, at this year’s gala in Queenstown, New Zealand.

With the SSAA representing most operators in Australasia, the Service Member of the Year award is significant industry recognition of the service to its 850 plus members in Australia and New Zealand.

Winning this award in 2017 has special significance for us as we have won this award three times in four years, including the inaugural year. I am so proud of our entire team: Therese, Michael, Curt, Jake, Andrew, Brooke, Rachel, Emma, Shane, Harry, Joe, Shane, Justin, David and Ben. Staff make a business and we have the best,” said Dallas Dogger, Centreforce CEO.

“Our team is made up of admin, programmers, support techs, graphic artists and web professionals. No other self-storage supplier in Australia has so many professional staff, all working to make self-storage work for our customers,” Dogger said.

Centreforce has been at the forefront of self-storage technology for 17 years and has represented SiteLink since 2007. Centreforce has built a fine reputation for delivering technology to the fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

"Centreforce has played a crucial role in the phenomenal growth SiteLink has experienced in Asia-Pacific," said Markus Hecker, SiteLink's Chief Operating Officer. "We are delighted they continue to be recognized for their outstanding service to the self-storage industry."

In 2017, Centerforce developed an online e-learning program for SiteLink users delivering educational resource to many hundreds of self-storage staff members, developing their professional skills, and lifting service standards in Australia. SiteLink has adapted this platform to be used on a global scale and will roll out to all of its customers in late September 2017.

SiteLink Certified Professional was also a finalist for the Innovation Award at the 2017 SSAA Awards. Over 200 Australian self-storage professionals have enrolled in the course. SiteLink Certified Professional is the only course in Australia that offers certification up to a Platinum standard.

Centreforce are known as the innovators in the industry and have led technological innovation in self-storage products. The company has developed RapidStor, a fully integrated online marketing tool that self-storage operators use to market available spaces in real time, with over 9,000 self-storage rentals being completed. The company uses cutting-edge, high-tech software to deliver self-storage websites via their R6 Web Design™ brand, and is the largest provider of self-storage websites in Australia.

We focus on service to our users,” said Dogger. “Their experience with our software and products is the most important thing to us.”
Consumer behavior has changed and many potential storers turn to self-storage websites for advice. Centreforce develops software that self-storage operators can use to attract these customers. As a A$10 billion industry in Australia, Self Storage continues to grow and service communities.

Centreforce Technology Group is the sales and support arm of SiteLink for the Australasian region. In addition to selling SiteLink Self Storage Management Software, Centreforce prepares world-class websites, marketing and social media campaigns for businesses.

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