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WEBINAR Q&A: Capturing Caller Data from Your Point of Sale

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
edited December 2017 in Industry Webinars
Below is the list of Answers to the Questions asked during the December 6, 2017 Industry Webinar with Wey Wey Wong from IVR Technology Group. If you missed the webinar you may watch it on-demand from the SiteLink website.

Q. Does your system have the capability to get caller address, city and zip just from the initial call itself based upon their phone number?
A. The city and state location information from TeleTracker is currently only available for existing tenants. IVR is working with SiteLink to bring real-time delivery of that data on new tenants that are not yet part of the database. This will be available in a future release, most likely 2nd quarter 2018. However, this data is always available from the dashboard and you can obtain it from reports.

Q. What kind of hardware or software do I need for a solution like TeleTracker?
A. None! There are no software or hardware requirements needed on IVRs side. You only need a SiteLink subscription.

Q.  If I have a click-to-call button on my website, is the data from that button automatically populated into the POS using TeleTracker?
A. If you’re using html coding of your call features, it won’t come to us with a unique phone number. For this data to automatically populate the POS screen, you’ll need to use IVRs click-to-call feature. It opens a window where a user can enter a phone number and also choose if they want to be called back immediately or on a delay if necessary.

You’ll need to embed a small snippet of java code on your website to create the click-to-call button. IVR can work with your developers to put this in place. Upon clicking that button, a unique number is tied to TeleTracker.

Q. Does each of my marketing campaigns need to have a dedicated phone number?
A. Yes, we advise having a dedicated phone number for marketing channel attribution. Unique call tracking numbers are very affordable, and if you buy it you’re not attached to anything long-term. You can try it out for a while and see if it works for your particular campaign. Another option is to purchase a pool of numbers that are recycled and shared.


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    Here are the results to the polling question asked during the webinar:

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