SiteLink scores major gains in server performance

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Continued enhancement reduces login and transaction times significantly

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, released a clever re-architecture of server-side operations. SiteLink has been known for industry-leading reliability and speedy, efficient management of even the largest customer datasets. Now, operators enjoy even faster task processing and smoother operations in SiteLink myHub and Web Edition software.

Fast just got faster
SiteLink’s top-tier data centers are widely known for consistently fast response times, documented 99.995% server uptime and overall reliability. Even so, SiteLink’s dedicated and talented development team continually seeks to improve infrastructure performance. Enhancements include the ease of use and the speed of any transaction on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

During a six-week project, Luke Lenzen, SiteLink’s Chief Technology Officer, implemented multiple changes to the database architecture to improve performance. “The ability to own, access and manage our own servers in world-class data centers gives us flexibility and opportunities to make improvements,” said Lenzen. “Other hosting environments cannot match our setup. In the end, our customers work more efficiently.”

Results are substantial
The most recent architecture optimization has boosted speeds of SiteLink servers. Login and transaction times are significantly faster to the delight of the many users who noticed immediately, although SiteLink had already been considered the leader in reliability, user friendliness and speed.

Daily operations have become faster in SiteLink myHub as well. More efficient data caching in the browser-based version, popular for its clean user interface and cross-platform, multi-device capability, has resulted in substantial time savings for common tasks such as move-ins and payments.

“Customers have applauded performance gains like these,” said Ross Lampe, SiteLink’s President. “Faster server speed translates into less waiting and downtime, which has a positive impact on operations.”

Any increase in the performance of SiteLink can depend on several factors, including each operator’s computer and network speeds.

The SiteLink advantage
SiteLink already leads the self-storage industry in infrastructure, users and technology partners and is always looking to improve. The SiteLink servers are in Tier 4 data centers – the highest data center rating available. Prestigious and important SSAE 16/SOC 1 Type II and PCI DSS Level I certifications underscore SiteLink’s commitment to security. The company has maintained its servers in data centers without unscheduled downtime since Web Edition’s debut in April 2006. Current customers’ data is never deleted off the servers and all historical data, including reports, are available at all times. This infrastructure delivers a competitive advantage for each of the more than 10,000 stores running SiteLink Web Edition by ensuring near-flawless connectivity, peace of mind and access from just about anywhere to help businesses grow.

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