Buying new containers for self-storage facility

Until last month I was in the self-storage business with one of my great friends. The business was good but I had to move here to America for some personal reasons. Anyway, I am planning to start something similar here. While most of the planning is done, I am looking for a place to buy containers. Since I am new here places and people are unknown. Back in Canada, I used to buy from some of the trusted shipping container companies like this one.I have added the link for you guys to get an idea of the kind of company I am looking for. I hope someone can help. Any help will be appreciated.


  • Orkocean
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    Well it would depend on where you're located and how much shipping you want to involve yourself in. Down here in TX I see places that sell containers quite often as we have a port in Houston so they're a little more common place to have around.

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