Congratulations December 2017 SiteLink Certified Professionals!

Sue_C Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
Looks like we wrapped up 2017 with a long list of newly certified SiteLink professionals!

Hundreds of users have been recognized for proficiency in SiteLink self-storage management software since the course was launched in September 2017. 
We are thrilled so many StorageForum users have found these courses to be rewarding and helpful!

**In these monthly announcements, we're recognizing SiteLink Certified Professionals who are also registered on StorageForum**

Let's give a shout-out to our December SiteLink Certified Professionals. Congratulations to all of these StorageForum users!

Daily Operations
certifications for December 2017:

@431Foothill, @Alexis_Buckner, @Allicyn_Bowley, @Amanda_Ackerman, @Amanda_Hansis, @Amy_Barnes, @Ann_Holland, @Arlen_Ihrke, @aschmitt, @billycleary, @Brenda_Sage, @Carlos_Crespin, @Carol Habel, @Carole_Brownell, @Casey_Jenkins, @Cherie_Orozco, @Cheryl_Page, @Cindie_Butterfield, @Claudia_Bright, @Denise_Dinkel, @donnalee, @Dyonna_Flemon, @Ed_May, @Evelyn_Aguilar, @feathers201, @Gidget_Shirley, @Janet Lima, @Jennifer_Forrider, @Jim_Hinojos, @Jimmie_Stewart, @Joe_Brichta, @Johnnie_Ramirez, @Jordan_Todd, @Josue_Elizondo, @Judy_Paul, @Justin_Small, @Korbin_Houston, @Laurie_Buse, @Linda_Steinwand, @Lorraine_Solis, @Louise_DeVolder, @Magen_Smith, @mareine, @Marelise Roelofse, @Marjii_Middleton, @Melisa_Adkins, @Melissa_Brady, @Michella_White, @MsPeachie, @Olivia_Austin, @Rebecca_Kaspar, @Roger_Arevalo, @sdsanchez, @Shaina_Haley, @Sharon_Byrd, @Shawn_Sprang, @Silvia_Moreno, @Stephen_Alfera, @Tammy_Clark, @Tamra_Grimes, @Taylor_Channing, @Tom_Kalberer, @Tom_Miller, @Tracey_Bowser, @Tricia_Kyle

Advanced Operations
 certifications for December 2017: 

@431Foothill, @Alexis_Buckner, @Amanda_Lannen, @Arlen_Ihrke, @billycleary, @Brandon_Morton, @Brenda_Sage, @Casey_Jenkins, @Claudia_Bright, @Denise, @Denise_Dinkel, @Dollina Curtis, @donnalee, @Dyonna_Flemon, @Evelyn_Aguilar, @feathers201, @Gidget_Shirley, @Jeffrey_Buller, @Jim_Hinojos, @Joe_Brichta, @Judy_Paul, @Julierae, @Justin_Small, @Korbin_Houston, @Linda_Steinwand, @Magen_Smith, @mareine, @Marjii_Middleton, @Mark_Fink, @Melissa Brady, @Michella_White, @MsPeachie, @Olivia_Austin, @Raymond_Ybarra, @RRMS, @Sharon_Byrd, @Shawn_Sprang, @Stephen_Alfera, @Tamra_Grimes, @Tricia Kyle

Administrator Certifications
for December 2017:

@Amanda_Ackerman, @Amanda_Lannen, @billycleary, @Claudia_Bright, @Denise_Dinkel, @donnalee, @Gidget_Shirley, @Hope_Roche, @Judy_Paul, @Lori, @mareine, @murrayclint, @Olivia_Austin, @Raymond_Ybarra, @Shawn_Lowry, @Shawn_Sprang, @Stephen_Alfera, @Tamra_Grimes

Great Job Everyone!


  • Chuck_Vion
    Chuck_Vion SiteLink Employee, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified, myHub Certified marketplace moderator
    Excellent job everyone! We are working on a SiteLink myHub course and will send all who are registered on the SiteLink Certified Professionals website an email notification once it is ready.
    Chuck Vion
    FineView Marketing
      |  Chief Marketing Officer

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