Happy's Flea Market in Roanoke to become self-storage facility [Article]

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What Will Happen to Happy's Flea Market in Roanoke?
Years ago, in it's heyday, Happy's Flea Market and Mall drew consistent weekend crowds. The building eventually fell into disrepair, the vendors were kicked out and the property went up for sale.
For two years, it's been consistently quiet.
"I have been inside, it's quite a challenge to be inside," said Jim Cherney.
He heads up Cherney Development. He bought the property last month for $950,000 after looking at it for almost a year.
"There's a lot of, I guess it could best be detritus that's been left behind," he said, pointing through the windows.
It's a mess inside but Cherney doesn't want to tear the 89,018 square foot building down.
He's working to turn it into a self storage facility.
"Just that stuff alone is just a giant thing for the community," said Wendy Jones, Executive Director of the Williamson Road Area Business Association. She's all for the idea, hoping it'll tie into the big project she's been working on to revitalize stretches of the road....[Read More]


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    I like it when someone can re-purpose an older property for something of this nature. Maybe it won't be just storage...a multi-purpose structure; POBOX center, conference rooms, WIFI center, coffee hut, etc.

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