ClickandStor™ 3.0 Progressive Web App Brings Ecommerce to Self Storage Industry [Press Release]

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MAITLAND, FL – The Storage Group is proud to release the ClickandStor™ 3.0 Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive Web Apps are the latest in mobile app technology, as traditional, native apps become more obsolete.

E-commerce for the Self Storage Industry
Through the ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA, facilities can offer storage rentals and reservations 24 hours a day, tenant insurance, and storage supplies online. Tenants can have an all-inclusive self storage experience with this type of technology. Facilities can even earn additional revenue just by selling products and services through ClickandStor™ 3.0. A few of the products available through ClickandStor™ 3.0 include cloud storage to store digital photos and files online, tenant insurance to protect items while in storage, and packing supplies available in convenient packs. The storage supply quick packs and value packs will be displayed based on the size of the unit chosen. The packs include boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and more.

Progressive Web App Benefits
There are several key benefits to using a Progressive Web App over a native app, such as faster speed, secure access, reliability, SEO ranking capability, easy updates, convenient access from the home screen of a mobile device, push notifications to communicate with tenants on-the-go, and increased conversions.
Facilities can send push notifications about special offers, weather and maintenance notices, new locations, and more to tenants using the ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA to increase tenant engagement. Tenants can save the app to the home screen of their smartphone or tablet for frequent use and ease of access. This is especially helpful for tenants that need to pay their storage rental bill online. 

“The ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA is a breakthrough technology in the self storage industry. Storage facilities can offer a one of a kind, convenient experience for their tenants that will set them apart from competitors,” said Steve Lucas, COO and Principal of The Storage Group. 

SEO Capability
The ClickandStor™ 3.0 PWA has the unique ability to rank organically in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Facilities can customize their PWA with content tabs specific to their self storage center and create a unique layout. The content can include information about your facility’s location, neighborhood information, about us content, features, and more to boost your PWA’s SEO performance. A facility’s website and PWA can both rank in search engines separately, allowing for two opportunities to have high organic rankings.

Contact The Storage Group
The Storage Group (TSG) has over 60 years of combined self storage industry experience and a team of Internet Marketing experts who specialize in website design and online marketing strategies including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing and local listing management. 
For further information and news about The Storage Group, contact us at 407-392-2328 or Physical Address: The Storage Group, 668 N. Orlando Avenue, Suite 210, Maitland, FL 32751.

The Storage Group also created the original and most trusted online self storage rental tool, ClickandStor™ 3.0. TSG’s proven Internet marketing strategies help self storage facilities capture potential customers in their target markets and increase rentals.


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