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Congratulations February 2018 SiteLink Certified Professionals!

Sue_CSue_C NADaily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, Administrator Certified ✭✭✭✭✭
February may have a been a short month, but there was no shortage of StorageForum users completing our SiteLink Certified Professional courses!

Here are the Certified Professionals from February, 2018. Great work everyone!

**In these monthly announcements, we're recognizing SiteLink Certified Professionals who are also registered on StorageForum**

Daily Operations Certified 2018

@sep2, @Adriana_Magana, @Alisha_Moseley, @Amber_Apperson, @Amber_Hare, @Amber_Williams, @Angela_Sorrentino, @Bill_Hansbury, @Breanna_Hodge, @Brett_Boswell, @Brian_Martin, @Bryan_Powell, @Candice_Stewart, @Cassie_Soliz, @christopher, @Cindi_Trepaneir, @Clyde_Lord_Jr, @Cynthia_Rodriguez, @Damon_Rexroad, @Daniel_Sanchez, @Debra_Campbell, @Erik_Bell, @HHolbert, , @Jane_Domine, @Janine_Williams, @Jimidoss, @JoAnne_Junkin, @Jocelyn_Childress, @Joyce_McBride, @Kara_Thao, @Karen_Knowles, @Kassie_Wilson, @Keith_McCLure, @Kevin_Creegan, @Kim_Fogleson, @Kimberly_Griffin, @Krista_Knudsen, @Kristi_Booth, @Lance_Lucas, @Larry_Ballard, @Leslie_Appleby, @Luisa_Lopez, @Mario_Cuevas, @Matthew_Olney, @Mia_Sanchez27, @Mike_Phipps, @Nathan_Oberto, @Nishanthi_Savanh, @ocala8, @oldenaples, @Patrick_Baker, @Phyllis_Wilson, @Raspberries, @Rebecca_Holland, @Reina_Saldana, @Robert_Karsten, @Ronda_Wallace, @Sandy_Jones, @Sarah_Allen, @Severino_Rodriguez, @Sharon_Martin-Villarreal, @SolwayStorage, @Southlake, @Stacy_Middleton, @Stephen_Rodriguez, @storallgsa, @Theresa_Strand, @Tilena_Fountain, @William_Branstiter, @William_Hansbury

Advanced Operations Certified 2018 

@Amanda_Hansis, @Amber_Hare, @Angela_Sorrentino, @Bill_Hansbury, @Brian_Martin, @Bryan_Powell, @Candice_Stewart, @DeeL, @Donna_Marold, @Erik_Bell, @HHolbert, @Janine_Williams, @Jimidoss, @Joyce_McBride, @Kara_Thao, @Karen_Knowles, @Kassie_Wilson, @Keith_McCLure, @Krista_Knudsen, @Lance_Lucas, @Luisa_Lopez, @Melisa_Adkins, @Mike_Phipps, @Nathan_Oberto, @Nishanthi_Savanh, @oldenaples, @Raspberries, @Sandy_Jones, @SolwayStorage, @Southlake, @Stacy_Middleton, @Stephanie_Woody, @Stephen_Rodriguez, @storallgsa, @ycasteel

Administrator Certified 2018 

@Donna_Marold, @Jimidoss, @Kara_Thao, Keith_McCLure, @Krista_Knudsen, @Nathan_Oberto, @oldenaples, @Raspberries, @Sandy_Jones, @SolwayStorage, @Southlake, @ycasteel


  • storallgsastorallgsa NVRegistered User, Daily Operations Certified, Advanced Operations Certified, myHub Certified ✭✭✭
    Hey that's me! :-) 
  • christopherchristopher CARegistered User, Daily Operations Certified
    Awesome thank you for posting!
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